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2019 Sala Maruja Mallo, Las Rozas (Madrid, Spain)

No Past, No Identity
Digital series based on photographs taken in Syria (2003 & 2007), travelling exhibition: 3rd location

May 30 - June 20, 2019.

Details to be announced.



2019 House of Culture Navacerrada (Madrid, Spain)

No Past, No Identity
Digital series based on photographs taken in Syria (2003 & 2007), travelling exhibition: 2nd location

January 26 - February 23, 2019.
Opening: January 26, 7 pm.

Invitation.pdf [10,4 MB]

Press release:
Press release.pdf [190 KB]

Poster.pdf [6,6 MB]



2018 Espacio Ronda, Madrid (España)

No Past, No Identity
Digitial series based on photographs taken in Syria (2003 & 2007)

Espacio Ronda, Madrid (Spain).
November, 22nd - December, 10th.
Opening November 22, 7:30 p.m.
Monday-Sunday 10 am-2 p.m./5-9 p.m.



Press release:
Press release.pdf [189 KB]




2014 Espacio Ronda, Madrid (Spain)

Naturalezas muertas y otros tormentos [Killing Nature and Other Torments]

Espacio Ronda, Madrid (Spain).
May, 16th - June, 3rd.



Catalogue.pdf [2,11 MB]




2012 Skimo Art Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

Lost Labyrinths: 21 oils on birch wood

Skimo Arte, Madrid (Spain).
March 8th - 31st.


Press release:
Press release.pdf


2009 Skimo Art Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

Memory of Temples

Skimo Art Gallery.
October 8th - November 6th




2007-08 Virtual exhibition at Arte Informado, Madrid (Spain)

Guadalupe Luceño

Arte Informado, Madrid (Spain).
December 18th, 2007-December 18th, 2008.


2006 Arab-Syrian Cultural Centre, Madrid (Spain)

Visions at the Casiun

Arab-Syrian Cultural Centre, Madrid (Spain).
Under the aegis of His Excellency Ambassador of Syrian Arab Republic to Spain, Makram Obeid.
Introduction: Ignacio Gómez de Liaño.
Poem: “Syrian Suite [Sorry!, Spanish version only]” by Luis Luna.
Music: Hames Bitar.
September 18th-October 5th.



2005 Skimo Art Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

Guadalupe Luceño: Litanies

Skimo Art Gallery.
November 10th - December 4th.



2005 Hypothekenbank in Essen AG, Essen (Germany)

Alles begann in Damaskus / It all began in Damascus

Organized and sponsored by: Hypothekenbank in Essen AG, Essen (Germany).
Welcoming speech: Mr. Hubert Schulte-Kemper, chairman of the board of directors.
Introductionn to the word: Mrs. Hella Nocke-Schrepper, Doctor in Art History.
Prologue to the catalogue: Prof. Dr. phil. Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, Professor of Aesthetics, Complutense University, Madrid (Spain).
Catalogue including the poem Study on Wall by Luis Luna.
April 13th - May 26th.



2004 Spanish-Japanese Cultural Centre, Salamanca (Spain)

The Mandala between West and East

Spanish-Japanese Cultural Centre, University of Salamanca.
Inaugurated by: H.E. Ambassador to Spain of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Mohsen Bilal, and Ms. Pilar Fernández Labrador, First Deputy Mayor and City Councilor for Culture in Salamanca.
April 21st - May 17th.

Recensions: (El Adelanto de Salamanca) (University of Salamanca) (University of Salamanca, Communication Office) (Tribuna de Salamanca) (University of Salamanca) (La Gaceta de Salamanca) (University of Salamanca) (University of Salamanca)


2003 Albal Gallery, Damascus (Syria)

Exhibition of Artist Guadalupe Luceño

Albal Art Gallery, Damascus (Syria).
Sponsoship: H.E. the Minister of Culture for the Syrian Arab Republic, Dª Najwa Qssab Hassn.
Attended by: H.E. Spanish Ambassador to Syria, Mr. Manuel Cacho Quesada; Director of Instituto Cervantes Damascus, Mr. Carlos Varona; and Director of the Museum of Fine Arts to Damascus, Mr. Khalil Akkari.
September 20th - October 5th.


2003 Catarsis Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

Guadalupe Luceño's Exhibition

Catarsis Gallery, Madrid (Spain).
June 13th - July 2nd.



2001 Madrid Railway Museum (Spain)

Mandalas 1996-2001

Madrid Railway Museum (Spain)
Sala Arte 3000.
December 5th-31st.