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It’s so exciting to talk to you about my recent collaboration with VIDA, a solidary label for fashion and accessories with exclusive art inspired designs, using sustainable fabrics, supports communities in need and boosts social actions. VIDA is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world. Every VIDA purchase enables supporting makers and offering education and empowerment programs in their factories across the globe.

My collaboration with VIDA is recent but already very successful. In my space UNIVERSES you’ll find my exclusive designs for currently four lines:
- Two fashion lines inspired by Confinement 1 y Confinement 3.
- wo home lines inspired by Confinement 4 y Astorga.

Hopefully they will inspire your lifes and homes, too! I’ll keep you updated on new lines through my newsletter for which you may sign up here f you haven’t done yet.

VIDA produces on demand, without stocks nor surplusses for a greater sustainability. Some deliverys, depending on the production site, may reach you in 22-26 business days. Please, be aware of it and plan your purchases with time ahead!.